Dairy Ventilation Packages

  • Dairy Ventilation Curtain Packages are available in 4 basic styles.

  • 1. Roll-Up             - Single Roll Bar suspension style system
  • 2. Drop-Down       - Single or Double Bar drop down style suspension system
  • 3. Multi-Direction  - Combination Drop Down TOP curtain with BOTTOM Roll Up curtain system
  • 4. Pass-By           - Multi-Direction system using a Drop Down on the TOP curtain
  •                                 which also passes by a Roll Up BOTTOM curtain system.

  • Curtain Packages DO NOT include fabric or wind control system. They are sold separately. 
  • We carry wind rope and lashing winches with heavy duty webbing which can be found under Wind Control.                

  • Add an additional 15% to list price for all curtains less than 96'.